Bespoke Journeyz is a new venture from Air Channel Travels, a 25 year old IATA approved travel agency. Bespoke Journeyz was born out of our passion to travel and help others travel the way we do. We provide assistance to those who want to travel independently and need help in micro planning their dream journey (and if need be, book it too). We don’t have a set itinerary in our portfolio of services because we believe each journey is as special and unique as the person who embarks on it. Whatever your style of travel or interests, we will tailor you the perfect fit for your dream holiday.


Who We Are

We are travel consultants who are just as passionate about travelling as we are about planning holidays for you. We do visit the touristic sights as every tourist does however consider local experiences more enriching. We believe in being travellers on a journey rather than tourists on a checklist mission. We at Bespoke Journeyz help people who want to travel independently craft special holidays with personal insights, customised itineraries, detailed travel plan, off-beat experiences and places less travelled to.

How It Works?

Take the first step

Get in touch with our travel consultants for an informal no obligation chat who will listen to your needs and accordingly suggest the right path to proceed on.


Layout the canvas

You meet with our travel consultants and discuss in detail your ideas and preferences which will help us to start shaping your dream holiday.

Start Sketching

We pull together a rough draft of the itinerary based on your insights and put it up for your review. Based on the feedback we tweak and twist a bit.


Fill in the details

We put together a list of hotels based on you requirement and you shortlist the one best suited for you. We share with you the options available for transfers, sights to visit, unique experiences, local info etc that gives you a better understanding of what your holiday is going to be like.

Apply the colours

After another quick meet with you, we put together all that you have decided to do into a detailed day wise itinerary complete with things to do, suggestions of restaurants to eat at, places to go shopping, cool spots to let your hair down, travel tips etc.


Unveil the Masterpiece

Finally embark on a journey of your dreams!!

Consultancy Fees

We are happy to share notes and guide you with your endeavour to plan your holiday however we need to travel ourselves to be able to craft dream holidays for people like you and hence do charge a small fee for all the heavy lifting we do on your behalf. We will be happy to discuss this over in our first conversation.


Take the first step...

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