Family Getaways – Wishlist for the upcoming holiday season

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Hectic lifestyles, busy schedules and nuclear families doesn’t leave time for the much needed family bonding. Long weekends, festive seasons and school holidays present the perfect opportunity to go away on a short family getaway. Such breaks nurture and strengthen the bond.

Ever wondered how it feels if the only sound you hear is of the dancing waves? Serene, right? Being with your loved ones, relaxing at a beach, reading your favourite book and listening to melodies of nature; just the thought of it is enough to soothe most our senses.

The quote “You don’t need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination” perfectly describes what you need; to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city with your loved ones. So, if you feel an urge to switch off from mundane and connect with you kin, we have short listed down a few exotic beach destinations that you can explore just a short flight away.

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Vacation Battles – Package Holidays v/s Custom Journeys


Holidays are always special no matter the type – honeymoon, backpacking, budgeted, family or luxury. Some people we know swear by package holidays and others by custom journeys. The first group jets off on a bargain holiday, see 10 cities in 8 days, and come back raving about the food had. The second group however think of the package holidays as the devil incarnate. They want to be involved in every aspect of the panning such as flight timings, road transfers, touch they take. The holidays are special journeys, an experience to be had and cherished.

These differing points of view make it a little difficult to choose where to go on holiday, and how to go about arranging it. Consequently we thought it could be useful to have a bit of a holiday face-off, and draw up a fancy list of all the pros and cons of each so that you don’t have to.

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