Family Getaways – Wishlist for the upcoming holiday season

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Hectic lifestyles, busy schedules and nuclear families doesn’t leave time for the much needed family bonding. Long weekends, festive seasons and school holidays present the perfect opportunity to go away on a short family getaway. Such breaks nurture and strengthen the bond.

Ever wondered how it feels if the only sound you hear is of the dancing waves? Serene, right? Being with your loved ones, relaxing at a beach, reading your favourite book and listening to melodies of nature; just the thought of it is enough to soothe most our senses.

The quote “You don’t need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination” perfectly describes what you need; to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city with your loved ones. So, if you feel an urge to switch off from mundane and connect with you kin, we have short listed down a few exotic beach destinations that you can explore just a short flight away.


Made up of more than 1000 coral islands, Maldives is a beach paradise, an ideal getaway. White beaches, blue lagoons and rich marine life is something extraordinaire here. Picture yourself at a dreamy water villa (a must!) with an unforgettable view and in the lap of luxury. With many island resorts each with its own character, pick the one that most suits your personality.
Why: Over the top luxury, amazing dive site and, fantabulous food
Tip: Book an All-Inclusive resort and leave your wallet at home
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This small multi-cultured island in the Indian Ocean is known for its pearly beaches, rain forests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife. If you are an explorer, you cannot be miss the mesmerising marine life either by scuba or a submersible vehicle. There are numerous activities for the entire family including quad biking, walking with the lions and water sports.
Why: Many activities for families, sightseeing tours and natural beauty
Tip: Book a private villa with a pool offering 24 hour butler service that will leave you asking more
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Yet another beautiful beach destination known for its rare species; the black parrots and giant tortoises. Made up of tiny islands, Seychelles falls close to the wonderful Mauritius. Seychelles also offers great dive sites for scuba lovers along, rum distillery and the pink sand beach. Mahe, the smallest capital city in the world, has some great restaurants and shops.
Why: Great landscapes, natural rock formations, 6th best beach in the world
Tip: Stay in a guesthouse to get a perspective of local life or stay on a car free island
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Sri Lanka:

The Land of Ravana is famous for its age old mythological stories and ancient sculptures. You will be surprised to encounter sprawling tea estates, the mighty blue whales and the magnificent elephants. From the cultural towns to the calm beaches, luxury resorts to nature reserves this small country has it all.
Why: Varied experiences, affordable luxury, secluded retreats
Tip: Stay in an old tea factory or a colonial bungalow amidst the tea estates
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Oman is one destination which hasn’t been explored by most travellers. It has some stunningly beautiful beaches, golden dunes, desert camping, grand forts and mosques that you can’t afford to miss. A perfect getaway destination with family. Oman is home to a large diaspora of Indian families. It is also an upcoming venue for luxury destination weddings.
Why: Warm welcoming locals, rugged landscapes, beautiful coastline, Dolphin watching
Tip: Stay at a hotel high up in the mountains with views of the valley. Returning back to civilization at one of Muscat’s luxurious beachside resorts.
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With millions of foreign travellers visiting Thailand every year, it is one of the most popular destinations in the world. There’s a lot to explore on this fun filled trip; beaches, culture, cuisine, nightlife, islands, temples and much more. Though touristy, Thailand has a charm of its own pulling in people year after year. We love this place for its affordable luxury, warm people and some of the world’s cleanest beaches.
Why: Affordable private villas with pool and view to die for and a vibrant nightlife
Tip: Feel like a king at one of the many of private luxury villas or go island hopping
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An island in Indonesia that is known for its ancient temples, beaches, night life, water sports and lots more. Bali temples surrounded by water are a treat to the eyes and souls. Tannah Lot temple, Ayana Rock bar, Volcano Mountain, Kuta beach are some of the places you can’t miss when you are in Bali. You can also visit stunningly beautiful tiny islands of Gili or Nusa, few hours away from Bali. They are known for their pollution free environment, one of the kind diving spots and all night partying.
Why: Varied landscapes, adventure sports and experiences to suit everyone’s needs and tastes
Tip: Hop over the surrounding islands for some amazing snorkelling and marine life, stay at the famous rice terraces or explore the amazing beaches at Nusa Dua
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We hope the above list has inspired you to travel and embark on your next journey with your loved ones. Start planning your trip, book the tickets and get ready to fly out! Happy Travelling!!

Narrowing down a destination for travel can be confusing and leave you overwhelmed with options. All the research, reading and shortlisting can be painstakingly time consuming. This is where a travel designer steps in. Leave all the heavy lifting to the professional so that you can enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

We at Bespoke Journeyz have been to each of these destinations. Our team knows them well enough to be able to tailor you a perfect holiday. We also understand that travelling with kids needs special planning and hence help curate itineraries around their interests and activities.

Ready to embark on a journey?

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